DETELNET keep running business with a few kind of business line based on our competence and business license.

ICT Consultant

In this millennium century, almost all industries require the information technology supporting. Starting from software, hardware, networking, computers, data storage, up to an internet connection.

Can not imagine how much time, effort, and money to build and maintain the IT needs if it is done by no competents, the results are most likely out of expectation and guarantee .

DETELNET is watching these opportunities. And will be able to design, implement, and maintain, all matters relating to information and communication technology with an ideal condition, appropriate, effective, and efficient solutions.

Hosting and Co-location

DETELNET can provide any kind of hosting services by customer's request, started from web hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting etc. Dedicated Server and also Server Co-location DETELNET can provide as well.

Several benefit for DETELNET Hosting and Co-location services :

  • Several Hosting and Co-location regional option (Bali, Jakarta, Singapore) making easy to visit and maintain the server and best placed for any user to access the contents.

  • Public IP owner, making easy to extend, maintain and organize for IP blocking problem etc.

  • Internet Backbone owner, making easy to customize the bandwidth capacity and also provide bandwidth on demand.

Networks and Contents Developer

Networking is our specialist, from LAN to the Internet with any kind access media, that we can deploy. The service can be permanently or temporary in any location and condition.

We can also provide any system and content deployment such web design, programming, API based system integrator, NMS, Server Instalation, etc.

Internet Service Provider

As one of the Internet Service Provider, DETELNET has some inovative products and services relating the Internet Access, Internet Backbone and any others Internet Services environment.

Some internet products and services that we can provide are:

- Internet Access ( Branded as mixbrOadband Internet Access)

  - Pay as You GO ( Billing Package )

  - Bandwidth ON DemanD ( Branded as BONDeD )

  - Free Internet Access for personal user ( Branded as GraNET )

  - Reliable and High Speed Dedicated Internet Access

-  Internet Backbone

   - Designated for Dedicated Server , VPS and any others Co-location and Hosting

   - Private LOCAL IP PEERING, with best and low latency, path and hops to IPs network destination